With a combined 80 years in the industry and thousands of referral source interviews – Phil Kerr, Anthony Portogallo and Beth Schieber know what Chicago wants in its’ HME suppliers:

» Quick, reliable on-time service, guaranteed
» One call Hi-Touch customer friendly referral process
» Strong communication skills, with results you can trust
» Well instructed, informed, satisfied, compliant patients
» Hi-Tech Systems
» State-of-the-Art Medical Equipment


Hi-Touch Hi-Tech Referral Process

Our phone will be answered in less than 15 seconds by a Patient Service Coordinator (PSC). No waiting, no automated attendance, no receptionist no transfers: just a highly trained customer friendly PSC answering by the third ring ready to take your referral, NOW! We have the latest State-of-the-Art Internet-based admissions software. Of course we will still take your referral by fax or manually if desired. Either way our “no hassles” approach will have you calling back.

Express No Excuses Guarantee

Tired of hearing all the reasons why the supplier couldn’t get there on time?
We will initiate your patients service on or before the expected arrival time, within 2 hours if requested, or we will make a donation to the charity of your choice in the name of your patient. We won’t make excuses about traffic conditions, bad weather or how busy we are – just on or before the time…No excuses.

Express 4-Phase Communication Program

Has a patient called to say that no one has contacted them from the company?

Our program includes:
» Patient calls to confirm referral receipt/delivery date
» Same day call to confirm time and financial responsibility
» Referral Source Order Change Confirmation
» Fax Receipt Confirmation

Express Referral Confirmation Service

Need confirmation that your patient was set up on time?

No need to call. Upon request, we will routinely contact you within 24 hours via your choice of voice mail, fax or email to let you know the time of delivery, whether or not it was done on time, if the patient feels comfortable with the instruction provided and their overall level of satisfaction. No interruptions for you, just Express feedback!

Comprehensive Patient Training Program

Want to be sure your patients get the necessary attention, time and instruction?

UPS (and others) has drivers. We have Medical Service Technicians (MST) and Credentialed Healthcare Professionals that have completed and are certified in over 100 core competencies on equipment safety, operation and disinfection techniques before they are allowed to instruct a patient. Our staff utilizes the mastery learning technique coupled with individual behavioral objectives and simple written instructions to ensure compliance as well as safe and effective use of their equipment.

In addition to these exciting programs there is much more!

Ask about our:
» Clinician Based Visitation Program
» Express 24-Hour On-Call Program
» Express Compliance Monitoring Program
» Express Referral Concierge Service